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How to brew Lull Tea

Here's a quick post about how to brew Lull, one of the herbal infusions that taste like music. If you haven't already heard about the music inspired tea then you can untangle that last part here - a fresh post is coming soon!)

Lull is at its heart a green tea, with some fruity and spiced overtones which open up an interesting set of brewing possibilities that can make it a little more challenging but also a little more rewarding to try. This article represents how I aim to get the brew bang on the mark, but there are other ways that may work just as well. All in all there's quite a bit of room for trial and error; I offer this only as a handy guide rope.


To begin with I boil some freshly drawn water. Once it's done I allow the water to cool down for 2 or 3 minutes before I pour anything. This additional cooling down stage means we've got plenty of time to sort out the loose leaf (although if getting this bit ready before you do anything else prevents your sudden descent into mild peril then go for it).