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Tea-glazed Raisin and Almond Swirl Pastries

By Kirsty Smith

There is nothing quite like a freshly-baked pastry of a morning and these beauties are even better as they are infused and glazed with wonderful Arthur Dove Tea Co tea flavours. As with all pastries of this nature, the process can be a bit on the long side, but you can prep most of the dough one evening (and get on with other things while they prove) and then have the immense satisfaction of baking your own raisin and almond swirls for breakfast. A winner every time, you'll feel like the bee's knees and the caterpillar's boots all at once, and you can douse them in whatever blend of tea happens to be your favourite. Taking the time to create the laminations - layers of butter and pastry - in the dough is what keeps the pastries light and fluffy and delicious and there really is nothing like the scent of homemade pastries filling the kitchen of a morning. So dig in and enjoy!



7g dried yeast

250g Strong white bread flour

5g Salt

110ml warm water

20ml milk