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Is there caffeine in tea?

Part of my priority when creating new tea blends has been to deliver choices, with different cups of tea to suit different moods or different times of the day. For me, that translated into relaxing blends like Lull an ideal blend for when I want to calm down, but without the soporific effects of something like chamomile (like taking a quick breather from writing for example). Blends like Carrot Cake, on the other hand, suit me when I want to feel cosy and homely, while I might take Mint Choc Chip should I wish to inspire a sense of refreshment and rejuvenation in me (what else would you expect from peppermint?). There is an important role for caffeine in all of this.

Can't start the day without your caffeine fix?

Caffeine in and of itself is a clear and odourless stimulant; a tame, but naturally occurring psychoactive drug found in beans (like coffee), leaves (such as tea) and even in nuts and fruit. When it's dunked in hot water, such as when brewing a hot drink, it also becomes bitter, which is what makes brewing a green tea so troublesome and what turns some people off