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How to brew carrot cake tea

Here's a few helpful tips and hints on brewing carrot cake tea. if you're baffled when it comes to brewing then you should read my other article on pouring the perfect brew (coming shortly!). Assuming you're comfortable and confident with that, let's move on.

Tea clouds just settling into the carrot cake tea moments before it's ready to drink

First things first, let's boil up the kettle with some freshly drawn water. We'll have a few minutes while that's heating so in the meantime we may as well get our looseleaf ready. One teaspoon's worth of carrot cake tea will do it for a regular, unspecial, everyday sized cup.

With your infuser already in a mug, add the loose leaf (I tend to brew mine in a teapot, but you can read more about the different infuser types and which ones are best here - also coming soon, give me chance!).

One teaspoon is about two grams. If you're really that data obsessed then weigh it out first, but however much fits on a standard teaspoon with a teeny bit more for good measure usually works for me

I'd guess the kettles just about to click off now. If that is the case let's just wait for everyone else to catch up with reading this. Once the kettle has boiled just leave it to sit for roughly a minute or so before you pour it right on top of the looseleaf in your mug. There are reasons for this beyond waiting for those imaginary co-brewers to catch up and I'll mention them in more detail in other articles. I've already assumed you've read all of them though, so I'll say no more about it here.

Carrot cake tea brewed for around 3 minutes should give off an orangey, copper-like colour.

We're now in the final steps of brewing the perfect carrot cake tea. Don't worry if your tea doesn't look like mine in the picture, It might be a little different and that's fine. If you want it stronger or weaker you can try adding or reducing the amount of looseleaf you've used, the amount of water involved or the temperature of the water (which is a matter of trial and error for me).

Lastly, add cow's milk. I think it tastes creamier and more dessert like that way (but how you do yours is still your choice) so, pour it in, watch the tea clouds settle (or just quickly give it a stir if you're in some kind of rush) which will leave a rich, full bodied and rather tasty carrot cake tea.

Still not working out for you? Get in touch with me here or through my instagram here.

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