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Blueburry Gin-ger Muffin Cocktail

Written by Kirsty Smith

I'm an avid tea drinker, and while I love a warm and cosy cuppa at literally any time of year, the summer weather has certainly got me thinking about ways to bring tea into some nice cooling drinks. Or perhaps even into a cheeky cocktail or two... So I'd like to share a recipe with you, using the delicious Arthur Dove Tea Co Blueberry Muffin blend to make a tea-infused cocktail that's sweet and fruity and perfect for hot days.

Ingredients for 2 Blueberry Gin-ger Muffin cocktails:

200ml Ginger beer

50ml gin (or 100ml if you like a double measure!)

Half a lime

3 scoops of blueberry muffin tea